Are there really Coyotes and Pigs running around?

Coyote stretching on golf courseYes, they are shameless and wander all over the valley, even in the most populated areas.

The coyotes can jump a 6 foot fence at will. They will hang around if someone is feeding them. Feeding them may include garbage or dog food left outdoors. For the most part they are nocturnal.

We also have Javelinas which are hooved but not related to pigs, have pig like snouts and are the similar in appearance to wild boars. They have unpleasant dispositions, are predominantly vegetarians and also snuff around for garbage and will go for the dog food left outdoors.

We also have Mountain Lions and Bobcats which are rarely seen except when you are off in the mountains. We have Jackrabbits and Mule Eared Deer, funny little Gambrel Quail, of course the Roadrunner and many very brazen Hummingbirds. Desert critters abound…we are a desert remember. A very good description of our Flora and Fauna can be found in Todd’s Desert Hiking Guide.

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