Arizona the Beautiful

Arizona is a beautiful and very visually diverse state. The Grand Canyon we are all familiar with. If you have visited before you have explored Sedona and the red rocks. Have you explored all of our National Parks, National Monuments and National Forrests? Have you been Skiing, water and snow; hiking, horseback riding, discovering so much more!

I am starting this new section of my website to give you a glimpse into some of the places I have been, explored and enjoyed while living here in the Beautiful State of Arizona.

Check out what I have added so far…

The Grand Canyon
Sonoita and Elgin
Oak Creek Canyon

The Grand Canyon

We are after all the Grand Canyon State.

This is a MUST see. It is one of the natural wonders of our world, and it is right here in our back yard.

Yes, you can make it up there in a day, but I really suggest planning on spending the night so you can explore and hike a little.

Take your time.

Watch the sun set!

Let me repeat that last suggestion again. Watch the sun set! Pick a viewpoint, any of them will do, and get there at least an hour before sunset. Find a spot to sit and watch the show. As the sun dips lower the canyon changes, every minute, and it is more beautiful by the moment.

I think it is natures best movie.

Plan on plenty of ooooohing and aaahhhhhing

Oak Creek Canyon

The perfect outing for a hot summer day.  Head north of Sedona into the Oak Creek Canyon for a hike along the river.  Or maybe go slip sliding at Slide Rock State Park.

We headed up early but not quite early enough to get a parking spot at the West Fork Trail.  I was really looking forward to taking this amazing hike. Oh well…  So instead we stopped at a picnic spot just down the road and did a little exploring along the rocky banks of the river.  It was still beautiful and rejuvenating.  That was just what I needed!

You can get a Red Rock Pass at most of the parking areas anywhere in the Sedona  area or stop at the gas station.  Keep the pass in the window so it is visible. The pass is good for all of the parking areas and includes in and out service. 

It takes about 2 hours from Phoenix area to get to Sedona, Oak Creek Canyon is just a little bit further.  You can do this as a day trip.  We had a late lunch in Sedona and then headed home. 

That day I took all “live” photos…

Sonoita & Elgin Wine Tasting

Who knew!

In southern Arizona, almost to the Mexican border, is a lovely region with wineries galore.  

Between 2-3 hour drive from the Phoenix Valley (depending on where you start) south of Tucson by about an hour is Sonoita.  

This region sits high at 5,000 feet elevation, making summer temperatures in the high 80’s rather than the 100’s of the valley.  Combine the cooler temps with rainfall averaging 20 inches rather than the 6-8 inches of the city and wahla – fabulous for grapes.

The wineries have lovey patio’s where you can relax, sit in the shade and enjoy the moment.

Most of the wineries will sell you a glass with your tasting.  Take that glass to your next winery for a discount on your tasting.  And remember to bring your wine glasses back the next time too. 

We visited Autumn Sage, they have a lovely wrap around patio on their tasting room, nestled among the vines,  as well as benches overlooking the pond under the shade of tress.  A relaxing location to enjoy the afternoon.  I enjoyed a glass of their Counoise Estate, a light red wine perfect for enjoying on a summer day. – No photos sadly I was too in the moment enjoying to take out my phone. (I think that is a good thing!) 

We then drove about 15 min past several other wineries to Rune Winery.  They are still in the process of completing their tasting room, and had chairs set out under shade sails with a. spectacular view across the grassy slopes.  We took home a couple of their Viognier bottles to enjoy later.

There is a Wine Tour Shuttle Service so plan your trip accordingly.  

In the area you could also visit Kartchner Caverns, Tombstone and Bisbee

Bisbee Arizona

Bisbee is a mining town with a glorious history.  Bisbee mining was quite successful, it proved to be one of the richest mineral sites in the world.  It produced nearly 3 million ounces of Gold and 8 billion pounds of Copper, also Silver, Lead and Zinc.  The success of the mine led to the city being a cultural center for years.   And as you would expect with miners, Brewery Gulch had saloons and brothels in abundance.  

Today Bisbee is a sleepy town, proud of its heritage.  The old brick buildings give the town a very different feel compared to the big cities these days.

Be sure to take a tour of The Queen Mine.  Dress appropriately it gets quite chilly underground and reservations required! Maybe you would like a ghost tour, or just a stroll through town exploring the unique shops.  

Where to Stay?  We had a blast with friends when we stayed at The Shady Dell.  A Glamping experience!  No RV needed, stay in one of their vintage RV’s fully equipped with record players and LP’s. The trailers range in size and were all built in the 1940’s and 50’s with plenty of Kitch to go around! Grab a bite at Dot’s Diner or use the charcoal grills to cook up your own goodies. 

We had a great time with friends and we will be back! ~ Copyright © 2005 ~ All Rights Reserved