Paradise Valley

Flat Iron Hike.jpgParadise Valley in 1889 when the Rio Verde Canal Company turned this open grazing area into irrigated farmland;  three surveyors were so taken by the beauty and tranquility of the desert landscape that they named the area Paradise Valley. It claims Mummy Mountain as it’s own and sits in the winter shadow of Stevie Nicks’ "great beast" Camelback Mountain. It is about 15 square miles and has unique zoning in that it is purely residential with one home per one acre lot minimums. The residents have been successful in maintaining their original mission to maintain a residential community in a quiet country like setting with little government intervention. An exception to the exclusion of commercial growth is the Cosanti Gallery, built by Paoli Soleri prior to the town’s incorporation. Today artisans there craft bronze and ceramic wind-bells which are world famous. A list of residents is akin to a Who’s Who in the corporate and celebrity world. Paradise Valley is home to several well known resorts with low profiles and multiple stars. As the older homes are being demolished and larger ones built, the city fathers are waging war on height and size limits attempting to continue to preserve as much of Paradise as possible. 

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