How much, below asking price will the typical seller accept on the sale of their home?


Recently I had a really great question asked by a client of mine, they asked me how much a seller is willing to sell their home for, less than asking price? That’s a great question to start the answer is no seller is typical.

Every seller has a different reason for selling; every person selling their home is in a different financial position. We can ask the listing agent and get an idea of some of these things we can take a look at the price that they purchased home for and if they financed, how much they financed. This will give us an idea of where the seller is before the have to dig deep into their pockets or be in a short sale position.

The more important question is to ask what is the market and the market conditions telling you about where homes are selling.

· you need to consider the purchase price of the home you’re looking at

· the neighborhood the home is in

· as well as the sellers and what did they purchase the home for and was it financed

These items together will give a little better idea of where to start with your offer. ~ Copyright © 2005 ~ All Rights Reserved