It is all about Lifestyle

Recently I was back east in the Hilton Head area visiting my dad, while there we visited a new community in the area Margaritaville’s Latitude.  Taking its theme from Jimmy Buffett’s songs, and lifestyle.  The whole community will be like taking a day, or lifetime at the beach. 

The community truly understands that the shift from choosing a home because of its proximity to your employment, and the best school district shifts when you move to a 55 or greater community.  Now it is all about YOU! 

  • What do you desire for your retirement lifestyle?  
  • What do you enjoy doing? 
  • What have you always wanted to do, but didn’t take the time before now to accomplish?

It was fun to see the model homes, with palm trees cut out of the shutters, the island colors and model names like Coconut, Aruba, and Jamaica.  The interiors were all decorated in beachy tones that conveyed a feeling of vacations casual elegance somewhere in the tropics.  

Golf carts with Shark Fins (to the left, fins to the right…) it is the perfect location for any Parrot Head.

I wish I could say they were headed to AZ the builder; Minto’s is only building in Florida and South Carolina at this time. ~ Copyright © 2005 ~ All Rights Reserved