Our Team

Our goal is to assist you in finding the community and the home within that community where you will be happiest and to do it in as stress free a manner as possible. Together we will discover a place where you will find your favorite activities, make new friends with similar interests and enjoy your retirement to the maximum. Our team’s real estate expertise is broad and our education is varied. Our life experiences have made us aware of the many cultural differences and requirements our clients may have and how to best serve their needs.


Claudina and IreneOur team:

Irene Hammond is our team leader. Her degrees in Computer Science and Photography plus her experience in the mortgage industry and retail make her a natural for today’s high tech real estate world. For two years she worked with new construction so she knows how to get you thru the building process with speed and ease if a new build is your choice.  Her dad’s military and airline careers have exposed her to lifestyles and experiences that create an understanding of the varied needs of our clients. Irene is married and she and husband Rick have three small Italian Greyhounds. Rick is an engineer and a cyclist and the athlete in the family. They both love to travel and have just discovered the world of cruising.

Claudina Jenkins is Irene’s mom and has been an active Realtor  from 1979 to 2016, both in Florida and Arizona. Her degree is in microbiology and she remains a Gator fan. Her achievements and educational accomplishments in the world of Real Estate are many and varied. Her part on the team is back-up for Irene, answering mail and paperwork. Her love of camping and exploring the west fill her spare time.

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