Termites – If your home doesn’t have them now, it will have them at some point.

Termites are a wood eating/destroying insect.  Here in Arizona we don’t often see the little critters.  They live underground, and are often called subterranean termites.  

How to identify if you have termites?  

The easiest way is to have a Termite inspector look at your home. Usually that only happens if you suspect termites, hear your neighbor had termites or are purchasing a home… 

Termite tube on stem wall

To do it yourself is easy. You need to know what you are looking for! Take a flashlight, and carefully look all along the stem wall of your home.  Behind bushes especially.  If you see mud tubes going from the ground up to the home, call out a professional.  Finished walking the exterior, you’re not done yet.  Again, with your flashlight take a close look at all of your walls, and ceilings.  Get in your closets and look for any small brown mud tubes.  You may find honeycombed appearance to the drywall or wood beams, this is also possibly termites, call in a professional.  

If you find anything that could be termites, call in the professionals show them what you found and have them do a full inspection DO NOT BRUSH AWAY THE MUD TUBES! The inspector will need to see them.  


The good news is we don’t have to tent our homes to get rid of them.  Instead, we drill along the foundation and inject chemicals below the surface to kill them where they live.  If you are in a single-family home fully separate from other structures, they can treat the full perimeter of your home.  

If termites are found inside the walls, and those walls are not close the perimeter of your home, they may suggest treating the interior walls as well.  

If you live in a connected patio home or townhome, you can’t access the full perimeter of your home, and interior treatment may also be suggested.  

I recently found termites in the center of my home, and I live in a Patio Home with connected walls. Treatment of the interior was needed. The treatment specialist brought in an infrared camera and carefully looked at all of the walls in my home. They made a small hole the diameter of a finishing nail in the walls above the termite tubes and injected a chemical in form of a foam that drips down the interior of the drywall, killing all the termites in their tracks.   They only treat where the bugs are.  One of the walls that was infested with the little buggers was the adjoining wall with my neighbors.  I gave them a call and they are getting their home inspected and treated as well. 

This interior treatment is a bit more service intensive, and is pricier as well, but when you need to get the job done right, you do the right job.  

Not all termite companies do the interior work – I used 

Protection Termite 
License #8362

Ask for David to do your interior treatment.

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