What are CC & R’s?

Scottsdales McCormick Ranch Country ClubThe Covenants Conditions and Restrictions are the governing documents that dictate how the homeowners association operates and what rules the owners — and their tenants and guests — must obey. These legal documents might also be called the bylaws, the master deed, the houses rules or another name. These documents and rules are legally enforceable by the homeowners association, unless a specific provision conflicts with federal, state or local laws.

It is very important that you understand the regulations imposed by the CC&Rs. They may restrict the color you can paint your home, the height of your fence, the parking of vehicles, the size and number and even the breed of your pets. Most of the restrictions are sane and logical and go a long way in preserving the value of your home investment by keeping the neighborhood’s visible condition well maintained.

We joke and tell folks that the good CC&Rs mostly tell you what your mom might..…like "get that dead car out of my driveway" or "no, you are not going to paint my house that color" , "get that lawn mowed today" or " you cannot bring every rescue dog in town home" etc.


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