What is a Base Price?

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The Base Price is the lowest price for which the builder will construct a specific set of home plans. It will be ready to live in when complete. Each builder builds several price level homes. Each of these price categories will have a different level of amenities. The homes will all have the same type and quality of construction. The amenities will differ for example:

  • The least expensive group of homes will use vinyl flooring in the "wet areas" of the entry, kitchen, laundry and bathrooms and will use a mica product for countertops.
  • The next group up will use ceramic tile of a certain grade in those areas and may offer a man made composite surface on countertops,
  • while the top of their product line will use a porcelain tile or stone in more than those simple areas and may offer granite countertops all included in their "Base Price".

Keep in mind the old adage that there is no free lunch and  the product levels are priced to include those "upgrades" or "options".

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