What is a "builder’s incentive"?

sedonaWhen a builder is looking for business, rather than lower the base price, he will offer an "incentive"  to the buyers to purchase his product. It will range from giving you refrigerator at closing to several thousand dollars to be used for your closing costs or the purchase of his options. It is always tied to your using the builder’s financing or paying cash. Many of the builder’s parent corporations own financing and title companies. This is to their benefit because they can control the time lines of the lenders and have a direct line of communication with them. We always encourage our buyers to compare the "Good Faith Estimate" that the builder’s lender gives you with one from an independent lender. The rates may be similar, the expenses may not. However, sometimes even if your brother is a lender he cannot beat the builder’s incentives. You must compare to be certain.

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