Will I get a better deal at the builder’s site without a REALTOR?

House at FrameNo, the builders do not negotiate their prices. The Realtor’s commission is built into the price and is chalked up as profit if a buyer comes in alone. There are many instances in the building process when it is advantageous to have a Realtor working for you. We are not home inspectors, but we can put you in touch with ones who are experienced in inspections of homes under construction. We will accompany you on the walk-thrus, one more pair of eyes is always good. If you do not have a Realtor you will sign a form as part of your contract stating that the agent in the office works exclusively for the interests of the builder and you are not represented by them. So bring us along, it is really to your benefit. 

The builders are firm in their rule that your Realtor must accompany you on your first visit to their project. So please wait for us to check out those model homes


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